Desi Village Lover Romance

“You are such a naughty girl and you will learn to respect the rules.” He said pleasantly? “Yes sir,” was all I could say. He spanked me some more, and though I’m no expert on spanking, I could have sworn he was getting a bit frenzied, excited by the whole thing. He pulled my knickers aside to examine my ass, presumably, to check how red it was. Then slowly he parted my legs, and he started to rub the ruler between my thighs. “Do you have a boyfriend Natasha? He asked “Yes Sir” I answered “And does he touch you between your legs?” “Sometimes” I said. Which was in fact a lie, I was too scared to let my boyfriend Simon touch me there, and all my friends were talking about how their boyfriends fingered them, I was frigid I guess, and too afraid to admit it, even to Mr Dickinson. He went over to the door and locked it. I was shaking by now, and confused as to what I should do now to get myself out of this situation before it got any worse. I couldn’t think quickly. "You have told me your name but you never answered my question. I will ask it again, who are you?" Who I am is immaterial," Aaron replied. "What to do with you both is the real question."The entire time the conversation was going on Diana was weighing their options. She re-thought that and concluded she needed to weigh her own options, Kalliste would have to fend for herself. She knew she could not access Eldritch, but that was secondary because more importantly she felt no need or desire to change the circumstances of this encounter. She felt no desire to fight or flee and she thought she should. Interestingly enough, her dogs although wary and alert had not attacked either. This was very strange, and stranger still, she had no desire to confront the slavey either. She was confused and did not know how to respond, so she decided to wait and watch and see if a solution presented itself."I am assuming by now you have realized that you cannot flee," Aaron addressed the woman who was.
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