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He had liked my art, so had made a trip east to meet me. Normally, he was something of a recluse, and avoided people if he could. He had given me his phone number. He had asked me to call him anytime I felt the need of a friendly ear.Well, if ever I needed 'a friendly ear', it was now. I went to my phone desk. I found my address and number book, for contacts. I looked up his number. Picking up the phone, I dialed his it."Hello?" a loud and gruff voice answered."Matt? This is Franklin Farrow. I was wondering if we could get together..." I began a bit hesitantly."Frank! How are you, boy? Doing all right? A meeting? Well, you would have to come out here for a face to face. I broke my damned leg a couple of weeks ago, and I don't get around too well, right now," Matthew Baxter boomed loudly.That was just the way he was. He never spoke, he 'boomed'. He was as much larger in real life, as his characters were in the books he wrote. We talked for a few more minutes. I got his address, and. Me, I look like just another one of the clothed perverts, watching the naked women, but I’m really watching just one, and the men’s reactions she gets. Another time at Lake Tahoe , she said saw an older man walk by her several times, semi-erect, leaking from his penis. She just watched as he walked by, she got to the point where she has no qualms about looking at penises, and does not mind if they know she is sizing them up. There are so many other stories and I will be writing them soon, shoe shopping, with no panties, at the mall, drive-by flashing, getting ‘accidentally’ seen nude by guests at our house, going to clubs, with a sheer, somewhat dark, floral print dress, nylons, high heels (and that’s all! Look carefully, and you can see her nipples hidden among the flowers, and the white outline of her nylons) and dancing with the guys, driving nude around the neighborhood late at night, nude massages, and a whole lot of fun. Just one more. I asked her to spend the day at a.
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