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"Maynard chuckled and gave Cheryl a look of sympathy. "Tell you what. If he shows up today, I'll introduce you to him."Cheryl went from morose to ecstatic in one ten-billionth of a second. She sprang to her feet. "You know Tyrone Hayes?" Honey, this isn't Dallas," I said.Maynard nodded. "I've known his whole family since his dad and I were kids, back before the ski basin opened. This was a lot smaller town then. Everybody knew everyone else. And everyone else's secrets. Still do, mostly."Cheryl squealed with excitement, grabbed Maynard, and kissed his cheek. Then she repeated the gesture with me. I glanced around and noticed several people, especially boys her age, wondering how to get her to repeat that with them."You missed some other excitement, too," he said to me. "While he was on stage, some hopped-up junkie decided to rob one of the voting tables."I hadn't heard that. "Cops get him?" After a couple of boys took him down." Boys?" Cheryl asked, puzzled.Maynard pinched an earlobe. ‘Look here!’ squawked Arthur indignantly. He felt that things were really getting out of control. ‘Look where?’ snarled Joey. ‘This is what you brought her over here for, isn’t it?’ ‘Not like this,’ mumbled Arthur in confusion. He couldn’t believe this was happening. This wasn’t how he pictured things going at all. ‘Don’t be mean to Arty,’ pouted Eleanor defiantly. ‘I won’t do anything he doesn’t want me to do.’ ‘Ellie, you know he wants you to do it,’ said Joey soothingly. ‘He just can’t admit it.’ Eleanor looked at her husband quizzically and bit her lip in consternation. She could tell what he was thinking. He wouldn’t mind her stripping if Joey wasn’t around. Joey wasn’t supposed to be part of the picture. Yet, here he was, wagging his big dick around and taking control of the whole situation. Eleanor found herself attracted to the sheer wrongness of stripping for Joey. It would be a deep affront to Arthur for his wife to strip for the same sort of dumb jock that used to cause.
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