Hard And Wet

“Hey babe. I told you so!” She said into the screen before pushing her mouth back down on my cock.“Oh my God, you weren’t kidding!” The screen girl exclaimed.“Nope.” Rochelle replied, pulling off my cock and looking at the screen.“That’s a nice one!” screen girl replied.“Yeah it is. And he’s great with it too!”“You bitch. I’m jealous.”“You should be.” Rochelle replied, pulling her mouth off my dick and making a big show of running her tongue on the head.“You should share him.” Screen girl replied. My cock twitched“Why is that?”“Bitch, you owe me.”“Owe you for what?” Rochelle asked, taking her mouth off my dick and turning towards the screen“Remember Cancun?” Screen girl asked.“Don’t you even bring that up!” Rochelle said firmly.“Let me have some and I won’t!” Screen girl replied.“Fine, but you’re going to have to fight me for him.” Rochelle replied, her thumb moving wildly over the screen.“Oh bitch, it’s on!” Screen girl exclaimed excitedly.“Address is in your text. See ya!” Rochelle. "TJ and 'Nita arrived in soft uniforms."That's a lot of effort for just us unless they are more interested in capture. Percy, out in space away from neutral's eyes?" TJ offered."Yeh! I think also this being a Solarian register must be spooking them"Morg entered the bridge,"My ... ah, familiar? said you were back — that does not look good. But all that effort just for us? Can't see it. The whole scenario is ... is ... words fail me." Suits" Charles remarked "but we are planning on not staying here, I presume? TJ, Morg I want you to examine the situation — accepting that they stay in position and the double coverage you accidentally collected doesn't show any movement — and get some possible tracks out of here." None of them was patrolling but all are maintaining stationary orbit" Jane confirmed "just positioned in max stealth and if you look at the positioning, they have totally overlapping passive detection fields over this quarter of the planet plus a good coverage around that."Jane.
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