Lick Me All Over

Matt and Nathan discovered this on Wednesday morning about nine o’clock in their living room, when they met with two reporters from The Courier – Dean Atkins and Willow Mendez, both introduced as seasoned staff in their thirties who seemed to know exactly what they wanted. Tracy sat at the edge of the group to assist with anything they needed after serving coffee in The Circle’s living room.Willow appeared the more senior of the two, so she started the interview with introductions, outlined some of the areas they wanted to cover, and then launched into the first round of questions. She’d asked and received approval to record the interview. Why were Matt and Nathan at the store? How long had they been there before the commotion started? And a lot of other details that both men had gone over with the police and also with the on-scene reporter.Matt and Nathan each walked through the events of the night, adding in what they could remember of their thoughts in the ten seconds of Monday. Do you understand?”“Can't get it up for girls...guilty...straight...”“That's right. You will never be able to fuck a girl again. But you won't know that until you try.”“not 'til I try.”You will still be able to jack off, but only outdoors in places where you might get caught, like parks, the woods and public restrooms. At rest rooms you will only be able to jack off at a urinal not in a cubicle. You understand?”“Urinal, woods, parks.”“And you will only be able to jack off if you are completely naked and you have put your clothes out of sight.”“Naked, clothes out of sight.”“Right. The reason you can still jack off, is you know that after you will be able to eat your cum. From now on the only thing that will make you horny is eating cum. You are not a homo, you are straight.” “You will feel great guilt and shame that you need to eat cum. But you will have no choice. Just the thought of eating cum will make you hard. In fact, the only things that will make you hard are thoughts of cum.
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