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For the sake of public safety and defensive driving, I waited until I pulled into the driveway to actually read said text, expecting my wife to understand the necessity of that.The text read, and I kid you not here, “I’m a bit late at work, hon. Sorry about that. Had a sale to close and it took longer than usual. Can you get a bottle of wine, please, from the liquor store? XOXOXO.”Out of sheer, morbid curiosity, I used the “Find My Phone” function that is used on some smartphones these days, since Melissa and I were on the same plan. Instead of being at Corbin Realty, Melissa was home, which mean that she lied to me about her whereabouts, something that when my detective mind combined with her errand for me, strongly suggested that she was covering up a tryst. Then again, I had just enslaved my two dentists through blackmail and I really hadn’t wanted to know about her infidelities in the past or have her know about mine, in case this led to ugly confrontations.That was when it. Mujhpar beer se jyada bhaiya ka nasha cha raha tha. Unhone mere maathe pe ek kiss karte hue mere boobs halke se daba diye.Maine chihunkte hue kaha bhaiya yahan koi dekh lega. Ye sunkar wo muskura diye aur kaha ki yahan nahi to aur kahan? Maine sarak kar khud ko unse liptaate hue unke kaano me kaha aap bas jaldi se yahan se nikalne ka plan banao. Wo kehne lage bohot badmash ho gayi hai tu shari, aur mere gaalo pe kiss kar diya. Main masti me itarate hue unhe dance floor pe le gayi, slow music to nai tha par hum close dance kar rahe the. Wo meri peeth se lag ke khade the aur unke haath mere shareer par reng rahe the. Maine unse chipakte hue apni gand unke khade lund pe tika di.Aisa lag raha tha ki unka lund pant faad ke bahar aa jaega. Unhone meri kamar me haath dalkar kaske pakad liya aur apna lund meri gand pe ragadne lage. Dheere dheere unka ek haath mere boobs masalne laga. Main itni garm ho chuki thi wahin sabke samne unka lund apni chut me pilva leti. Maine apni gand zoro se.
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