After all, I was in his place, in his bed, in his world. I gently pushed myself out from under him. I had to be gentle. He was too heavy for me to be swift.I rose in my bareness, my chastity belt unbuckled, my broken-in body now mature. I was forcing his hand. How would he react? It was hard to believe after what I’d just done, but I’d never considered myself promiscuous, and I’d never planned on giving my virginity away to a one-night stand, and I still hoped I didn’t have to. But I was willing to take the risk. Ironically, I had the opposite hopes of most virgins. My self-esteem in the area of sex was low, and I didn’t want to be in a vested relationship, open my heart and my body up to judgment, only to disappoint. Plus I never found a man that had intrigued me enough to show him that side of me, until now. I prayed he liked my performance, because I sure as hell didn’t want him to walk away.I whispered, “Please don’t think I’m easy.”I felt a gentle grip on my arm. I froze,. It only served to inflame me. Rhonda sank to her knees, put out her bangled arm and tugged me to her. Her crimson lips opened further and she slipped my dick into her mouth. Wonderful: my fantasies of her weren't this good. She worked like an expert, mouth and hand in tandem as she pulled me deep into her mouth and did wonderful things to me--even took my entire length. That was too much and I shot what I was sure had to be one of my biggest loads. She took it all with excitement as she stroked her own cock. When mine began to wilt, she kissed it a final time, pulled my legs further apart, sunk lower and sucked my balls into her mouth. A hand moved between my thighs, past my balls and into the crack of my ass. Soon enough a finger found the crack of my asshole and wiggled itself in as Rhonda continued to suck on my sack. The pleasure was indescrible. Had she stayed there my dick would have hardened again and I could have emptied another load. But she rose, and offered me her lips and.
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