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’ ‘I see,’ he said, feigning reluctance. ‘And exactly when do you want to have this threesome?’ ‘I was kind of hoping to do it tonight. Come on Honey, I thought we would set up the camcorder so we could watch it again later, just the two of us. Please?’ Dan smiled. ‘Why not? It sounds like fun. I was faking the reluctance. I just wanted to see how bad you wanted this,’ he confessed. ‘Oh thank you!’ Heather squealed as she leapt out of the Jacuzzi and nearly ran over the intercom. She pressed the speak button, ‘He said yes! Come on in!’ ‘My wife, the eternal optimist. So, who is our mystery guest?’ ‘Wait and see. I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.’ Just then, they heard the bedroom door open and close. ‘Heather, who is she? Do I know her?’ ‘Oh, I think you know her. In answer to your questions, my dear impatient husband, our mystery guest is…’ she hesitated a few seconds then opened the door. ‘Me!’ Said the mystery guest. Dan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and his. Her tits were barely conical, just a slight swelling on her ribcage but her nipples shot out like ripe berries. I pulled her to me and they poked against my chest. She threw her leg over me and we slowed our breathing and calmed our heartbeats. You are a hot fuck I said as sex slumber overtook me. Thanks. I loved it. When I first woke up the net morning I was seriously hung&hellip, hung over&hellip, whiskey. Tongue dry, head buzzy, didnt want to open my eyes and, as is often the case, sporting wood. My cock was up, even if I didnt want to be, and where was I? Strange bed in a pink room with pictures of teen heartthrobs and singers and even a unicorn and oh ya, that girl, Ginger. She was right there, almost touching me, under the blanket, probably still naked. I grunted a little. She stirred, she was awake. I could feel my pulse in my neck. I remembered the feeling of her tight little cunt around my cock and I wanted it again. I slid my hand under the covers and grabbed hers and.
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