Swami Seducing Indian Wife

” Libby ran her fingers through John’s hair gently, caressing his skull, not in a sexual way but in a sensual way. Her touch alone was enough to waken John’s cock and send goose bumps up his arms. “Libby…” a moment of silence as Libby listened to John breathe. “I’m afraid… I mean maybe…I don’t want to go to school. I don’t want to leave you.” At once Libby felt her heart breaking and intense joy. The dichotomy of emotions was almost too much for her and she fought back a sob, tears stinging her eyes, beginning to run down her cheeks. John continued to amaze her, the depth of the emotion in that simple statement was more than John ever expressed, to anyone. Telling her that he was afraid was letting down his guard and John never let his guard down. “John, lets talk about it in the morning, when I can see you. Now lets go to bed.” And she stood up, pulling his hands, helping him to stand. She slid her hands under his arms and over his shoulders from behind, her head resting comfortably. "You are going to jail. We have found your false companies, all three of them, and we know you have stolen at least seven million."He nodded and smiled. "There are two more that will be much harder to find and the amount is now closer to ten." So you admit it. Damn, you're a brazen thief." I picked up the phone."Wait," he said, with another smile. "You've met my daughters, Tiffany and Taylor, haven't you?"I nodded, remembering, they were damn near the sexiest young women I had ever seen, both blonde and both really stacked and neither of them out of high school."Which one do you want?"I sat back, licked my lips, and said, "Explain." I felt my cock twitch. "You may have either, a permanent loan, adoption if you wish. Tiff is only 13 and Taylor is fifteen. They have a lot of good years ahead of them." He chuckled. "In your bed, serving the executive floor perhaps. They're trained, sir, and they're good, very good, prime sluts." He chuckled. "They just love to do it, both of them" For.
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