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I'mstill in shock, and I need to write in order to come to terms withwhat's happened. My name is Mark. At least it was until today.To get straight to the point, my best friend Kyle and I have beenhanging out with a professor of physics at the local university (I'dbetter not divulge more than that), who claimed to have discovered amethod for time travel. Yes, I thought the same thing you're thinkingright now - crazy.Kyle and I agreed to be the first to attempt a brief visit to aprevious date. I picked 1984, the year I was born. I don't knowanything about the process, but after we entered a cylinder, we bothblanked out and woke up on May 24th, 1984. It worked. I wondered if itwas a practical joke until I went to my house. There, I ran into myfather working in the yard. I really didn't want to meet him like that.It just seemed too strange, and I worried that he'd see a resemblancein me and start asking questions. I did a poor job of avoiding him, andthat's exactly what happened. I. He heard my every moan every flinch, every grip of my chair. He knew he was teasing me, and that's exactly what Camden wanted. When my hands were under the table, it took everything I had to keep a straight face. I was enjoying this and I knew it. Camden knew it. Camden's dick knew it. I was rubbing and I felt it grow. It slowly became bigger, and, for the first time since our affairs started happening, Camden grabbed my hand and put it straight on him. I continued rubbing where he put my hand, and I suddenly felt his hand again. Camden pushed my hand hard into his dick, and I started jacking him off with pressure. Camden tried so hard not to moan, but when he looked at me, I saw in his eyes that it wasn't going to be quiet for long. I applied more pressure gradually, and Camden went ballistic. He moved my hand so he wouldn't "interrupt class", and looked at me like "mmmm payback will be pleasurable". The connections bell rang, and that was the end of our time.
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