Girl Into Gang Bang

Though he twitched and gasped, he let her continue until he had nothing more to offer. She let him slip from her lips, and then kissed the tip several times before standing up. She crawled into the bed near the pillows, and rolled onto her side so that she was facing the two men closer to the foot. She bent one knee, her fingers slipping between her legs to serve the dual purpose of taking the edge off her own need, and teasing her bedmates. Her baby-smooth nether lips let them see everything, as she left only a little tuft above her clit unshaven. Neil reacted first, having had more time to recover from feeding her his cum. He crawled between her legs, replacing her fingers with his tongue. “Oh yes. Lick my pussy. I need it so bad,” she cooed, her fingers mussing his hair. “Do I taste good?” “Great,” he muttered, the word muffled by her folds. She moaned in approval when Robert crawled over and pinched one of her light brown nipples. “Never seen nipples this big,” he remarked while. She was more silent than I most other girls I’d had, just gasping with little starts and squeaks. Very similar to Becky as it happened, and my brain laughed a little, ‘Like daughter, like mother.’ All too soon the passion in the older version of my newly pregnant girlfriend shrieked and shuddered in orgasm, clamping hard on my cock and grinding into my pelvis with shuddering pleasure. That was all I needed as the whole thing had been so spontaneous it was a real turn on for me as well. I groaned as my malls exploded just after she did, sending a torrent of my swimmers through my groin before firing like a machine gun into the deepest depths of my lovers womb. Even after the first four or five big spurts we shook and convulsed as shot after shot continued to work its way from the core of my being and into hers.We just huffed and puffed for several minutes before allowing ourselves to part. My softening member plopped from her surprisingly tight pussy with a plop, followed by a.
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