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“That’s better,” he stated, “Now finish it.” And he guided the beer up to my mouth again helping me tip it into my mouth. Again he put his hand on the bottom of the bottle holding it up and I drank almost all of it down to the very last sips which again overwhelmed me and poured down my chin. I guess it did help I was in the bikini as the overflow had gotten on my body not onto a bunch of clothes. He then told me, “Good girl,” setting the bottle down and kissing me deep again. We made out for a while till I felt something I wasn’t ready for. Scott started pulling at the strings on the bottoms of my bikini. I quickly slammed my hand there. “Scott I’m not ready for that,” I whined. To which he looked very disappointed. “Please, my moms not home so I thought maybe we could have some fun,” he stated. “I’m not ready for that,” I answered nervously, “I’m a virgin. Scared he would freak out and kick me out. I was relieved as he started kissing me again. We kissed for a while. .”I don’t know what my face looked like but I could see Carol looking deadly serious. “Food's getting cold,” I said, taking another mouthful. “I’ll be alright if they’re all like Eddie.”She laughed. “If they were all like Eddie I’d give it up.”“Have you decided what to do tonight?”“Not yet.” She laughed again, more of a nervous giggle this time. She looked up at me across the table, fixing me with a determined grin. “Don’t worry, you’re doing the right thing, pushing me to think, making me decide. I think part of the deal has to be me pushing you sometimes, constructively, like you're doing to me but I'm not up to that yet. I’m not used to this. I know I started it, I fucked everything up, so I have a responsibility. I get that but you’re being so clever... sneaky too, topping from the bottom — I mean you’re the one in the cage and yet you’re forcing the issue. It’s a completely different kind of domination. It’s weird, it takes me to a different place, you know, compared to being.
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