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"We're going to be on the road for two days, we'll have time to listen to a whole bunch of stuff. I need Bruce to help me wake up." Well, OK then."They found some coffee, and hit the highway.It was midmorning, and they were well on their way."Warren," Sophia began, "There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. Mary says I should. But it's difficult." What, Pookie?" Well... it's about our sex life." Uh-oh. The last thing a guy wants to hear from his girlfriend." Don't worry," she laughed. "I love it with you, you know that. However, we were talking about the whole Eduardo thing, and why I was attracted to him in the first place." I know. You like it rough sometimes." It's not so much rough. It's just that... I don't know..." Her voice got quieter. "I guess I have a submissive streak." OK. And I'm not satisfying it." Warren, don't put it that way. Most of the time I love your gentle touch. It's just every once in a while..." She took a deep breath. "It's not that I want you. Dan escorted his two lovelies into the coffee shop, where they received the stares of appreciative male customers. They sat with Karen and Wendy holding Dan’s hand, trying not to be too obvious about the closeness of their relationship.Brad and Jake walked down the hockey arena hallway to the Falcons’ dressing room, clad in dark grey business suits. Every player was expected to wear a suit or sports jacket and slacks to and from each home game. They entered the dressing room expecting to be one of the first arriving early, but most of the players were already changing into their uniforms.“Geesh I thought we were early,” Brad commented, seeing the assembled group.He smiled with pride seeing his number twenty-seven and ‘Hayward’ stitched on the back of his sweater hanging above his seat next to Jake Campbell’s number sixteen. As he changed into his hockey uniform, the players made small talk and asked Brad what was anticipated for the past week. Would he fight Pete Kendall as payback.
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