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I had my last BioMorph session the next Sunday. It had virtually no effect on my appearance and was much easier on me than the first two. The best part was that I didn't need the abdominal drain or IVs.Over the next few weeks I began the legal arrangements necessary. It was decided that I would be a new person and not just change my name and sex through the legal channels. I got a new social security number, which is quite a task when you're an adult. My scholastic degrees were lost, of course, unless I chose to list them on my resume without intending to prove them, but I didn't mind too much.I won't go in to all the mushy details, but Arnie and I became quite an item over the next few weeks. I was re-introduced to some of our mutual friends and they all seemed to feel, and many expressed, that Arnie was 'moving up in the world' as one friend put it after seeing me for the first time.Other than a few pulled muscles, and some minor, temporary gastric disturbances, everything seemed to. As one, they started walking my way. Theleader smacked his fist into his open palm; then he did it again. Andagain.I took a half step back then fixed eyes on the woman once more. She hadbeen left behind by them now, in the clear, but she was looking at mefilled with anxiety."Are you a Packie-lover then, eh?" said the leader. One of the othersgiggled. "You think it's alright that they're here stealing jobs offproper Brits?"For half a second I panicked, not sure what to say or do, then wordsjust started coming out of my mouth. "I do like Indians as a matter offact. Because I'm not a racist twat. And she has just as much right tobe here as you or I. Britain's made up of immigrants - it always hasbeen - the Romans, the French, the Norweigans; you name it. Besides," Isaid. "Stealing our jobs? I don't know why you're saying that. Lookinglike you fucking do, no one would bloody employ you." What did you fucking say?" They came round me, forming an arc now, nomore than five feet from me to.
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