Dr. JHATKA Epi 1

All I could do was sit and stare. I mean PDAs had always been the norm around our family, but this was a whole new level of exposure. Allison and I had both seen, and done, just as much and more, but when it's your parents... I think Allison voiced it best."Eewwwe!" she cried, "Mom! Oh, I am traumatized for life! I can't believe I just saw that. Gross! Get a room."Mom and Dad just cracked up; apparently Mom couldn't help twisting the knife. "Oh good idea honey, you know I have one available right down the hall, what do you say big guy?"Allison clapped her hands over her ears, "Oh! You did not go there! Hello! Young and impressionable here! Not to mention a weak stomach! Double gross!"Even I had to laugh there, "So what are you guys thinking of seeing?" I asked just to change the subject."Actually we hadn't given it a lot of thought. I'm not even sure what's out. It's just that with you kids being older and able to be by yourselves without us worrying about you, we've decided that we. Four feet separated us, several gin and tonics in our bellies and we had just discussed our wives’ increasing lack of desire for sex and how we seemed to be getting hornier with age.We discussed what we each did with our wives in bed and what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy. He started to tell me about his porno collection and what particular situations he enjoyed. This was way more information than we had ever shared before! He loves videos of cum shots landing on a woman’s face and had compiled a CD of web videos that he promised to show me the next time we met. That future scene unfolded in my mind, as I imagined us looking at his videos side by side with hard-ons. I wondered what his cock was like, and if we would jack off together.In fact, I was developing a pretty swollen lump in my shorts as we were talking and could imagine he was hard as well. I had always been curious about men, and I wanted to see and feel his hard cock and balls. We kept our voices low, so as not to be heard.
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