Drunked Wife

And this story will take at least 10 parts to complete as new entrant will start adding to the arithmetic of lust and raw se.This all started one day when I reached the house Mr. Banerjea was not there and Manju their maid opened the gate for me and told that sir will come after two hours and you can wait in drawing room if you want and I thought it wise to wait and study in meantime and went inside.Manju had taken bath just than and her long black hair were falling till her knee and she was looking dam sexy in spite of being dark black and as she brought water for me I touched her entire hand while holding the glass, and she was angry at this and said ami e shob thik bujhi kintu ami eta poshonori na and never ever touch me again.I was young than and this angered me and I slapped her hard and pulled her hair and forcibly kissed her lips and as she struggled to get out of my grip I ripped open her blouse and in state of anger crushed them mercilessly pinching her nipples and she kicked. Jess's pussy made a farting sound and then a squelch, Marcus's sperm was flowing out of her and that's when I started to thrust uncontrollably and a thunderous pulse went through me and I orgasmed into my lap."Sweat heart I'm sorry!" started Jess "I couldn't stop shuddering and I tried to let him go but I just couldn't!"I didn't know what door feel. Marcus was catching his breath on the bed with Jess and I was doing the same strapped to a chair.Jess got a shower as quick as she could and Marcus thought it best that he leave. I lay in the soaking wet bed when Jess came out the bathroom. She lay next to me and a moment later I cuddled up to her.The whole situation was my fault. So I decided that it would best to support Jess all the way and not fall out. If she wanted time alone she had it or if she wanted me around I was there.We never left the room for a few days until we had talked about our situation. We decided that if Jess was pregnant I would support her all the way. But if not.
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