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It was these photos that his wife found on his hard drive. It was these photos that he couldn't explain to his wife- a woman who was no dummy- and didn't need to explain. She quietly left his life, packed her things and moved uptown with a friend. Since she left, they never talked. It was as if she had never been there. With the exception of the couch and the sunset, there was nothing left. For months after she left him, he was in a deep funk. He only left the house to go to work. He tried to improve, knew he had a problem, deleted Johannah as a friend and dumped all of his photos of her; however, as much as he tried, each time he heard her come and go, the sound of her heels or boots on those marble floors, his heart would race and his cock would grow. And then he would take his shaft in his hand, moan her name again, and cum, dreaming of being inside of her. Sometimes, in that first summer after his wife left him, he would leave the front door open, hoping to hear the. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light provided by the hooded lights in the ceiling, the straps partially obstructed her vision but only enough to make her feel objectified. After a while she could discern what she thought were stocks. She’d seen them before; they were a very intricate piece of ?bondage furniture.? Supports stretched up from the floor, holding a wooden bar at waist height, the bar was split down the middle horizontally with a hinge at one end and a hasp with an open lock at the other end. In the center of the bar was a circular hole with the approximate circumference of a person’s neck. To each side of this circular hole were smaller holes for securing a person’s wrists when the top half was lowered and the hasp was locked in place. The stocks were situated in front and to the left of the table she was bound upon, directly ahead at the back, or front of the room, depending on your point of view, was a chair. Calling it a chair wasn’t quite adequate.
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