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At first they would poke fun at me for it, and I was cool with it. But as I got further into college I became more insecure about it, and conversations on this topic got so awkward that they stopped bringing up the subject—at least not in front of me. I still wondered what was said about my sexless life when I wasn’t around. During the beginning of this summer, my nerdiness seemed to be spiraling out of control, and my encounters with women dropped to zero. But on the other hand, I was making friends with some guys a couple of years older than me, who were a lot cooler than me, and actually had friends that were girls. I met them at a Halo tournament on campus, and they were so impressed with my skills that we started hanging out on the weekends. When classes ended in May, we cut loose. Matt, one of the guys I met at the tournament, invited us over to his house all the time, which was the perfect place because it was the house his family had lived in when he was in high school, but. She would get so loud I’d have to gag her. As time progressed so did our love making... love making hell... we were just fucking plain and simple, like two wild animals. We would start making out like two horny teenagers. Barbara was quite good with her mouth, so she was a very good kisser. As we kissed my hands would find their way to Barbara’s breasts. In that day and time when it came to breasts, more was considered better, hence the padded bras that were popular at the time. Barbara’s breasts weren’t huge, just kinda medium size but were nice and firm, and her nipples were very responsive. When she got excited they’d get hard and stick out about a half an inch. We would kiss, and I’d fondle her breasts for a few minutes until eventually a gentle hand would start my trip downward. How gentle the push was, was directly related to her arousal. The hotter I’d gotten Barbara, the harder the push. The push would move my mouth to her nipples. There was no doubt from her breathing.
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