Two Hot Lesbians

He had the frozen look on his face, the kind that a lot of guys get when they are trying not to show any emotion, but there is really a ton of it bottled up inside.Mom and Dad came down. Mom was wearing a dress suit, and Dad had on a tie. "Case?" I asked Mom. Since we moved here, she had focused more on her lawyer career than acting career, even though she still did some acting."The last big one," she said, crossing her fingers. "You're father also has a meeting to talk to the company here about moving back to France. Hopefully all goes well there too." She crossed the fingers on her other hand."Well, I think we will all be having our fingers crossed today. Us kids have to break the news, you have some huge events, let's just hope all goes well," Peter said, his voice like stone.I looked at him. My brother had changed so much in the time we were in America. Not only had he practically found a soul mate, Hayley, but he seemed to enjoy life here so much. I had never seen him. A young black man arrived, his name was Dalton, a name Wendy recognized. He asked Tara to arrange a drink for Wendy while he reviewed the booking. Dalton gave Wendy a wink, asking if it was alright if a superior suite would be acceptable for her stay. Wendy ran a finger down the split in her top providing Dalton with a view of her breasts as she leaned over the counter at reception. Dalton handed Wendy a room card as Tara arrived with a cool drink and was asked to check the room and arrange a welcome basket. Wendy waited in the lobby sipping her drink until Tara returned saying that everything was in order and returned to her place behind the counter.Dalton said that he would see Wendy to her room. He indicated to another member of staff to carry Wendy’s bags and to accompa-ny them. Once inside the elevator Dalton introduced Lamar as one of the young black men who would be helping take care of her this weekend. Wendy smiled in approval as they arrived at the top floor, there were only.
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