The Encouraging Dance Moves From A Lovely India

In all actuality I am a little turned on by hearing him pleasure himself. Picturing his hard dick, slick, as he strokes it up and down. He had a beautiful penis. Long, straight, with decent girth, and a big head. I still remember the first time we had sex, in the back of his car. It was such a tight fit, felt like the head popped into my slick folds. God it felt good. Maybe he would want some company. I could use a solid orgasm right now. I’d even take a small one for that matter. I got up and slide my panties off, followed by my tank top. I quietly stepped into the hallway trying not to make too much noise and went to the stairs. He was still at it. I could hear his heavy breathing and rapidly sliding hand. ‘Eric.’ I said just above a whisper. I still wasn’t sure I wanted to do this. It had been so long for us. Taking a couple more steps lower I could see his lower half over the edge of the wall. Hand moving fast, legs and stomach tight. Watching him was starting to make me. Did I frighten you?” she teases.Harper grins and steps toward her until she is backed up against the wall. “And what might you being doing here, little girl. I thought I told you to leave me alone.”Anthe makes a teasing pout. “I couldn’t let you just walk away.”“Oh, so you don’t like losing property,” Harper counters.“You’re not property,” the teen says. “I couldn’t let you leave like that, it’d kill me. I had to talk to you.”“Had to talk to me?” Harper reiterates. She leans her body up against the girl’s face inches from hers. “Without your clothes?”Anthe bites her lower lip. “I said I love you and I really meant it.” She looks at Harper with pleading eyes. “I know I made a mistake. I never thought I’d fall in love with you. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did.”“I know you do,” Harper says, sighing. With that she lets all her fears, anger and anxiety flush away with the hot water. “I will do anything for you. Just ask. But only as long as I can be with you.”“You will always.
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