Veronica Fox - Stick Your Ass Up - Scene 3

"Angela had been monitoring the whole scene, about as amazed as Jon and Tanisha. She'd known that both Jon and Tanisha had been hiding from their families, and knew a lot of the details. "Around Lambdatron," she announced, "Most people seem to think that Jon and Tanisha working together are worth four or five people working by themselves. I can't tell you the details and I don't know them all myself, but it's pretty well agreed that they've saved Lambdatron as well. At least once." That's stretching it some," Jon said. "We'd have been hurt, yes, but saved is a little too big a word." That's not what Stan tells me," Angela said flatly. "And we really should get off that subject before we say something we shouldn't." Angela's right," Tanisha said. "That whole project is classified." So, Dad," Jon said, as much to change the subject as anything else, "I take it you're still at Hadley-Monroe." Yes, and a little to my surprise, now that I look back on it," his father agreed. "But things. His touch was so gentle. I knew the power games had ceased for the moment. I loved the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth. I stroked and sucked him at the same time harder and faster. I felt him tensing up, “yeah, that’s it, like that” he whispered just before he came in my mouth. His cum was dripping down my mouth and I licked it from my lips with a laugh. I stood up and we kissed, his tongue probing the inside of my mouth. I felt his hand on my breasts and he squeezed my nipples just enough for me to take notice. I could no longer hide my desire for him. “Please make me cum,” I pleaded. He took my hand and led me to the chair in the corner of the room. He had me sit down as he kneeled between my legs. He licked my nipples while cupping my breasts in his hands. He sucked them slowly, and then teased them with the tip of his tongue. I put my hand on his head and slowly rubbed my fingers through his hair. “I’m going to eat your pussy,” he whispered to me. His words sent a jolt of.
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