Sex With Three Hot Strangers. FMMM. Hotwife Anastasia Filatova

Such is the intensity of your unwavering stare from those brown, deep set eyes. My near nakedness is forgotten. All thoughts of self-awareness have been left behind, along with the vestments of everyday. Discarded in an untidy heap behind me on the floor of the hotel bathroom.I slowly place my hands on your shoulders. I feel your muscles, defined under your skin, revealed to my touch. Then, teasingly, I run my fingertips up and down the surface of your arm, scraping my nails over the goose flesh. The reaction of your skin is getting me excited, as is the anticipation, watching you, wanting you. I can almost taste you on my hungry lips as I moisten them with my tongue, sucking my bottom lip as I breathe in deeply.The desire I feel for you, (I'm wearing nothing more than a black lace teddy with a low cut front, without panties) ... is achingly screaming for release. Reaching down, I take your hand and place it between my thighs as an invitation to that moist, hidden centre of precious. ”Jim looked disappointed but nodded. “XC09, XC04 engage normal drone mode and strap Sally onto the processing table.”Sally tried to scramble to her feet but XC04's hands clamps around her arm in a vice like grip, despite being covered in Sally's pussy juice.Carol looked at Sally on the x-frame table, trying to shut out her screams as the tubes inserted themselves into her.Jim tapped on the control panel and Sally managed to yell, “Fuck you all, ahhhhhhh” Her remaining curses and screams were muffled as the hood covered her face.Carol called over, “You're a sick perverted shit head and a fucking liar. You said we wouldn't be drones and there Sally is on that table being turned into one of your monsters. And I guess I'm going to follow her next?”“No you two will not be drones Carol, that is the truth, and yes you will be next.”“How sure are you this will work?” Daryl was licking his lips as the hood detached itself revealing the skinned face of a now silent and unconscious Sally. Carol.
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