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. and even then it seemed I barely managed to get through my days.Adrienne, at one point, tried to get me to open up, but for some reason I'd withdrawn into my own little cave of isolation. I was making my career happen, I was dazzling the photographers, but I wasn't happy. Neither was Margaret. Her work wasn't steady, a lot like I'd been when I first began. She was often at the apartment, which in some ways was great, because she cleaned when she got bored, but I hated coming home and seeing her with a big frown on her face. She and I had taken to fooling around if we both had the energy, but I had to save almost all that for Damien. Margaret's newfound enthusiasm still led her to offer to eat me out once or twice a week, just so she could get some practice, and I didn't mind. Then we'd often kiss and talk while she brought herself to climax a couple of times. I encouraged her to avoid starting a career in porn, and she finally backed out of her agreement the day before the film. Then she felt fluid hit her inner thigh. He gasped out load and then lowered his head to her pussy like it was a water fountain. Then she felt it again. A pressure building up inside of her, then exploding from her pussy. She lifted her head; concerned that he had done something to her. She suddenly saw what he was so hurriedly trying to capture. She was actually ejaculating. She had heard of this happening, but she had never experienced it before in her life. But it seemed like he had and he wanted as much of it as he could. His head was between her thighs and every time that she squirted, he caught as much as he could. His face was covered in her juices. It was like a coating that he wore proudly. She looked at his face and he looked like a kid in a candy store getting his first malt.Finally, she pulled his hands and fingers away from her pussy and pulled them to her mouth. She had never really tasted herself before. She had a little once, but nothing like this. She sucked his.
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