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His hand slipped up and encircled my bra and began to squeeze gently. Well, this was nice and all, but I was getting hot and wet below so I decided to move things along and broke off from the kiss to take off my shirt and bra."That's better," I said as Zach's eyes got big (I'm sure another part did as well) and he bent to kiss each breast and lick around each nipple sending a little shiver right to my deep insides."Lauren, you're so pretty, your breasts are beautiful. God, I love them," and he started sucking one and fondling the other as I moved my hand up his pantleg toward a rather large bulge. He didn't wait, he moved my hand to his crotch and pressed it to his bulge.Soon, we're prone and he's sucking my nipples and rubbing my crotch through my shorts. I reach down and tug on his pants and he quickly gets the idea and sits up to take them off along with his briefs.Out jumps his dick, rather chubby and long and pink with a tip that's a bit taller than Andy's (I know, it's not nice. This time the bright sun light streaming through not only outlined Linda's body it made the blue fabric of her dress see through. My heart almost burst out of my chest, I could clearly see her tanned legs all the way to the juncture of her thighs where her pussy was hugged by a skimpy high cut pair of white panties. It was glorious, every time Linda got near the sunlight her gorgeous lower body was on display erotically draped in gauzy splendor. My cock was so hard and leaking pre-cum that I thanked my lucky stars that I was wearing dark pants otherwise the wet stain would be impossible to hide.I spent months perving over Linda, getting to look down her top, and glimpse up her skirt as she crossed her legs. Of course all this time in her company could not be spent just ogling as that would have given the game away, so naturally I would chat to her. I found her very easy to talk to and we became more and more friendly. We shared many stories and confessions of our lives. I would go.
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