Aunty Bath 2

I was lost in thought about my Cherry when, a few minutes later, she came back out from the bedroom wearing what she had on before Cha-rie came to visit. Cherry sat on my lap and she was clearly no longer in character. She said, Im so sorry, Babe&hellip, Confused, I asked, Sorry? For what? She explained, I laid down for a minute back there and passed out. I guess I just needed a nap. I smiled and said, Thats ok. She asked, Anything interesting happen while I was out? Still smiling, I said, Nothing much, the cleaning lady was herea new girl, had a bit of a French accent. Cherry looked around and asked, Did she do a good job? Was she thorough? I answered, Yeah, she was great. She even wore a nice uniform, made her look more professional. Was she cute? Cherry wondered. I slowly nodded my head and said, I have to admit: she was pretty attractive. We both started to laugh and neither one of us could be declared a loser for being the first to laugh. We spent the rest of the day relaxing on. Vivian had avoided involvement in these hi-jinks. Nevertheless, she heard various details about what happened during these sessions. A number of girls admitted, that despite the pain, they also enjoyed the paddlings. Their genitals would become wet during the beatings, although the nuns would never comment on it even though they had to have witnessed it.Some of the girls would then have an urgent need to masturbate, although they often had to wait until they were home to satisfy themselves. A few of them, before heading home, were bold enough to duck behind a tree on the school grounds for a quick wank.For their part, the nuns seemed to relish dishing out the punishments. They would often smile or even giggle when applying their thick paddles to young backsides.Unlike many other girls, Vivian thought there was something strange about nuns in general. Why would they, starting at a young age, renounce and deny their own sexuality? Yet she grasped the idea that the paddlings were a way.
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