Kolkata Riya Boudi Masterbating

She was enjoying that. Train reached Madurai and now most of them slept me and Christy was sitting in opposite seats in the train. We were not worried about anybody else. In Madurai she just dashed me from back and her boobs triggered me. Her boob strike was like a electric shock for me. It was like she saying me takes me now. The train started and now most have slept. I and my girlfriend came near the door and were standing there. I suddenly felt high energy in me and kissed her deeply. We both were having deep French kiss. She was enjoying to the core. Our tongues were within each other. My hand was in her hips .we were literally enjoying each other. Suddenly someone came and crossed the area. We parted. He did not see us kissing. He went past our bogie to the next bogie. I was afraid he may come back and hence I told her to go inside toilet.Then a sudden idea popped me. Nobody was coming. I knocked the toilet door and she was about to come out and I pushed her in and I also came. I kind of caught my breath as I didnt know what he was going to do and I was so nervous while also filled with desire.He stared down at our dicks and spread his legs and kind of waddled forward until his dick was pushing on my stomach. Then he crouched down so his dick was next to mine and grabbed them both. I gasped and let out a little moan at him touching his dick. “Look how much bigger mine is.” He said. I could barely concentrate. It felt soo good with his hand on my dick and his dick rubbing against mine. He was so warm. I was afraid to do anything so I just stood there motionless and silent. “Did you hear me? Can you admit that your dick is a joke compared to mine.” I still said nothing. “I'm waiting...” He said. I cleared my throat. “Yeah..yours is is...huge...its awesome man.” I didn't know what I was saying, but I don't know if I cared. “hahaha yeah? You in love with my big dick?” He taunted. I said nothing “hahaha you want it dont you.” My silence was confirmation enough..
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