And out jumped Oscar. She screamed, dropped the mail, and turned to run. Before she could barely turn, Luther was on her. She fought, kicked and bit, but in no time Oscar and Luther had her restrained and carrying her back to the barn. With every kick or thrashing about, she exposed more of her naked body under her work clothes. Luther could feel his cock growing stiff and Oscar was just grunting and drooling, wide-eyed. He’d never uttered a single word in his life.They reached the barn and Luther kicked open the door. He held his hand over her mouth and the other of his big arms around her tight. “Close that door. Get that tape.” Luther shouted orders to Oscar. Oscar did what he was told but never took his eyes off the cute half-naked girl. His bib overalls were already stretched at his crotch. Luther noticed and thought of his own rock hard cock rubbing up against the back of the girl from the hollow. Oscar hobbled over with the tape, drool hanging off his chin. “Hold her and don’t. By now I was beginning to hold my own with the upper classmen, I was not being pushed around as much. There was no doubt that the defense was going to determine just how good this team would be for the next few years. We were loaded with size, speed and talent.We were three quarters of the way through the season and still unbeaten, although the meat of our schedule was left to play. We had an away game in Arkansas next, then we had our bye or week off, then came back after Christmas to play a team from Georgia at home. Since I was not allowed to travel with the team and we had our bye week right behind a road game, I had eleven days off from classes and practices over the holidays. I asked and received permission to go home for that period of time, more importantly I needed the break. I had been talking to Courtney about once a week or so, the same with Ashley, trying to keep up on current events around my hometown. I decided to take the last bus out on Friday night, that would put.
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