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Spectacular sex with Bill was so debilitating, so tiring so much fun ... and she'd had Waaay too much fun."Megan?" Bill nudged her again, harder."Arrrggghhh!" 'Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz', she snuggled closer and he got instantly hard. It slipped between her so painful legs.Sitting bolt upright in bed, she slapped at his painfully erect cock ... the author of all her aches and pains ... and she had to dance tonight. "Goddess! Get that evil disruptor away from me..." she reached out to hug him."Megan?" he put her away from him ... arms length, he held her. "I'm leaving ... until this foolishness is over. Go with me?" You have got to be kidding, Bill. I live for this. Mina is getting married." Yeah, right... 'For a year and a Day.' What kind of a marriage is that?" Bill was on a roll ... first, his professorship was removed, and MINA got to keep hers, his Arado needed new engines ... unless he could find rebuild parts ... sure ... easiest thing in the world ... parts for a German warplane ... DD,. No good can come from killing everyone who sees the unholy transformation from man to beast."He's awake, and looks pissed!" the old cackler giggled. I heard footsteps coming around me. "Hey badass, you don't look like anybody my daddy knew now!" The motel manager Mr. Pewbes and his nephew stepped into my blurred vision. As I focused on the two of them my surroundings came out of the haze.I was suspended between two brick pillars in some overgrown walled garden. I put my feet under me to stand, only to find myself twisting into a ball as I felt the tap at the base of my neck again.After I recovered, a voice behind me said," I didn't say it you could stand, did I?" It was the voice of Roger Conaroe. He sounded like he was enjoying his new role as captor and torturer. He stepped around and showed me the altered cattle prod he held. Two wires ran from the handle to an unseen power source behind me. He put the other end against my chest and pushed the button.I wrenched against the ropes.
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