Esi Cuckold Couple Niikki And Aakash

The "World" soon became my favorite hang out! As a poor student with no AC in my dorm, I would often spend hot afternoons at the "World" keeping cool while watching all of the classic movies, and more than a few that were totally classless! The place was always filled with at least a few dozen OSU students and the usual old men wearing trench coats and slouch hats. It was uncommon for there to be any women in the audience, so anyone hanging out near the ladies' restroom was looking to suck cock or get their cock sucked. Management looked the other way as long as nobody made a mess or caused trouble. Finding a nice cock to suck was never a problem. Sometimes I would head back to the ladies' room two or three times during a double feature and usually ended up sucking at least one cock each time. I began to notice that all of the Black guys were usually packing a lot of meat! I spent four years at OSU, and countless hours sucking cocks at the "World". During that time I swallowed. My mind was on Marina an the great night we just had, her desire to makeme happy, her desire to serve.I let a week go by without making myself be heard. Thursday afternoon Icalled her, she was quite happy to hear my voice. I told her to be readyon Friday evening with a 48 hour bag and that I would pick her up at 6.00p.m..I got there a bit early, she wasn't ready but would be just few moreminutes. She prepared me a drink and finished preparing herself. Soon shecame came out wearing yet another micro short hugging dress showing offher B breasts thanks to the padded bra, clear pantyhose and 4" pumps. Shegot her fur coat and off we were. To where? To a small town in Piedmontwhere I had reserved a nice room for the weekend. After about two hoursof driving, touching and talking we arrived at the hotel. It was dinner time, we checked in. In Italy when checking in all theguests must present an ID and we did, both our licenses, me as I am andmarina as a man in jacket and tie with his real.
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