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I said we couldn’t. They begged and begged and I refused. After a minute of this they finally said, if you let us in, we will meet you in the office and do the nasty. Both even quickly flashed us their boobs. I looked at the other guy and he shrugged his shoulders, so I said ok however they needed to show up about half hour before the last movie ended. I said that just in case they actually showed up as by then all the money would have been counted and all of the staff except the projectionist and the two of us would still be there, and that would give us enough time to do whatever we wanted to before the projectionist had to leave.After the girls left we started talking and I said I doubt the girls will come to the office. The other guy opened up to me (we never talked about sex before) and told me he hopes the girls come, because he has been edging for the last several days and hasn’t ejaculated as he likes the feeling of blue balls. I also found out that he didn’t have a girl. She slapped Leila across the face in the living room. “God, you’re just a … a total fuck up!” Leila cowered and retreated, but Nathan stepped behind her and held her arms. “Whap!” Delia shook her hand to take the sting out and watched the red mark on Leila’s left cheek. She was so annoyed with Leila’s expression, her creased brow and worried stare, her constant fawning, submissiveness. “I’ll get the money!” Leila promised. “No, no you won’t because you HAD the money and you blew it, What were you doing?” Delia had still not gotten the whole story and Leila was holding back. Delia knew the woman had done something stupid, but what? She slapped her again, “Tell me!” Leila kept saying, “I don’t know, I don’t know what happened, I don’t know.” “That is such fucking bullshit!” Nathan said, and then he squeezed and twisted her arms back until Leila was howling, “Ow, ow, oh!” Delia taunted her, “Oh? Does that hurt?” Delia turned her back on Leila and walked away, waving her right arm up.
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