Bhabhi Changing Cloths

Both of us were deflated when we left. It appeared that it had all been for nothing.Well ... not nothing. A lot of emotion had issued from this project. I’d had a heck of a good time, and there were some new relationships budding, which I was really looking forward to exploring further. I got all kinds of nervous, thinking about Aunt Christy, and what she might do, not to mention worrying about the next time I saw Uncle Danny, and whether he’d wring my neck or not. “Don’t worry, Baby,” said my mother, as we drove home. “We’ll think of something.”I had learned a lot already from my first college project. Most of that was about the Turner women. I had learned, for instance, that they were all gorgeous. I’d known that, on an unconscious level, but many a man has looked at a pretty face, only to be somewhat disillusioned when a naked body was then unveiled.I had also learned that the Turner women were all horny.Now I learned that the Turner women were stubborn, and didn’t take well to. I had a female friend who had done it a lot, and had only recently stopped going as she had a new boyfriend. She told me it was amazing if I got out the car. Rather than just making men cum from the driver’s seat, you could really have fun if you went to a quiet area away from the cars. She suggested I wear a sexy summer dress, stockings, and just "went for it." I went to a site in Cheddar, in Somerset, on my own one Friday night at about mid night. I wore a sexy black and white polka dot dress, with stockings underneath, but nothing else. Several men stood by my window as I parked; then I got out and stood surrounded by several of them. Most were already wanking. I kissed a few, and stroked a few cocks, before somebody asked if I wanted to go, "somewhere more quiet." We walked about 200 yards to a grassy and wooded area next to a reservoir. Somebody laid a blanket on the grass and I sat down on it. Almost at once, I had a guy standing over me, with his cock out wanking hard. I.
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