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I couldnot resist so i put my hand on his lund & started fondling it & said “abdul tune to tera to pani meri gaand chod ke nikala par meri chut to garm hai uska kya.” meri dusri chuchi pe haath pherte abdul bola,”memsab meri lund chooso to yeh phir khada ho jayega aur teri chut ko chodega”. I said “thik hai abdul lekin ab tu mujhe memsab mat bol, tu to ab mera aashiq hai”. Meri dono chuchiya masalte abdul bola “memsaab agar aapko gussa nahi aaye to mai ek baat bolu?” i said yes tell me whatever you want i will not get angry.pinching my nipples hard abdul said ” memsaab tum kai dino se mujhse jaise behave kar rahi ho woh ek chalu aurat hi karti hai.tu mujhe subah subah tera aadha nanga badan dikhati hai,teri chuchiyo ko jab maine kai baar touch kiya tune mujhe roka nahi aur aaj tu mare haath se karib karib poori nangi hui main door pe hi.wahan maine teri chuchiyo se khelke unko choos bhi aur tune meri lund sehlaya.mujhe itna garm karne ke baad ab tu mujhse bindhast chud wa rahi hai. It was the thing Ihad to do because I had nothing else to do. I was leaving a club inPasadena when I saw this guy, short and rumpled, trying in a stiffdrunk's way to be very macho and really just trying to make it to his carwithout rubbing his nose allover the pavement. I thought about it.Nothing good ever comes from helping a drunk. The least damage to hopefor is that the dry cleaner can get the stains out. I got Bixlee into a cab and maybe saved his life. I didn't know who hewas. He was just a fellow drunk and I thought that maybe if I did thisfor him, God would send somebody to take the keys out of my hand when Iwas too drunk to know any better and might go kill somebody. If I hadknown then what I later found out, I'd have started his car for him. I began to doubt that my '76 Duster was going to 'make it. Thetransmission was shot. It could barely take the hills and the brakes werestarting to burn on the downsides. I was beginning to get terribly tiredof authenticity in drama. I.
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