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She cupped my balls for a moment and when she realized how smooth they were, she got a big grin on her face and sucked my balls and jerked me. Carrie worked her way around the other 7 dicks, sucking some small cocks, average cocks, a couple long black ones, and one that was about 7”, but as thick as a Mag Lite! She was in cock heaven. “Why don’t we put you on the pool table?” Mike said. Carrie finally stripped off her panties, laid back on the pool table, and spread her legs for all the guys to get a full view of her bald pussy with just a small strip of hair leading north from her clit. Her pussy was beautiful, lips spread like a flower, gleaning from her juices. I got between her legs and started to eat her. I easily stuck two fingers in her hole and fucked her as I lapped up her juices. I aimed for her G-spot, using the “come hither” gesture with my fingers, and it seems to work. Carrie was gyrating her hips as she continued to suck cock. At this point I stopped lapping and. "Maybe, didn't figure you for..." What?" Heather interrupted. "Someone who appreciates sexy?" Shepushed her way past Bobbie lightly. Setting the box down, she spun andgrabbed Bobbie.Bobbie's head was suddenly at Heather's chest. She felt her lips kissher head."Brought you something." She gestured to the box. "But first..."Heather brought Bobbie's face up to hers. A loud, staccato dubstepsound rang out with its accompanying vibration.Bobbie had the phone in her hand and up to her ear quickly. "Hello?"After a tense moment of looking at Heather's quirked eyebrows, shesighed. "Oh, good. Actually, Heather's here now."The eyebrows moved closer together."It's Kimst...Kim. She's awake, we need to get there. Can we go?"Bobbie pleaded.Color drained from Heather's face. She hadn't really thought aboutwhat would happen when Kim woke up. She felt wrong somehow, but shesmiled a wrinkled smile and said..."Sure." ***Beth felt strange wearing the helmet. She had come to think of it asBobbie's now..
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