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I found my wife in the bathroom just finishing up after a shower. I was welcomed with, “Yeah, my baby is home” that and a nice kiss and hug. She said “ I know your probably tired, whatya say we go out to eat and have a drink”?,…I said “that sounds good to me”. She turned to go back to the bathroom and let her towel drop to the floor, turned her head and said “ When we get back we’ll have some fun”,…not knowing what was really gonna happen later I just smiled and said “ sounds good to me”. Here’s the rundown on my wife, she’s 44 and a mother, strawberry blonde, blue eyes, 5’ 6”, slender, 34C, nice ass and has a sultry slow Georgia peach drawl. She came into the living room announcing she was ready and looking incredibly hot. Black pumps, black mini-skirt and a black long sleeve sheer, almost see through blouse with a black lacy bra underneath, very sexy but not without taste I might add,…just enough to make you wonder and say “hmmmm”. We had talked and fantasized about many things. I could not justify all these women. Some of the women I found in the slave barracks were of similar beauty but I had stayed away from all of them as bedmates.With difficulty I sent the slaves away to get something to eat and find a place to sleep. Some had already been looking to keep me warm at night and I could see that the competition would heat up. Telling them that I was not available was not going to work even if I was a slave master now, or at least for a while.I was given an accounting of what remained in Seleucia by the leader. His name was Galerius Caprenius Allobrogicus. He acted like the example of a very ethical Roman. He was tall, thin, athletic, intelligent, well educated and had an air about him on top of this. I was told I had something of this but this man I could take lessons from.We ate in the house and the slaves were excluded. KhAvar was still weak and I left her in the care of the other women. Galerius seemed to warm to me as I did to him. He asked for facts.
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