Dost Ki Maa Ko Choda

Besides, you now know what the money is for and just from the nightly appointments you three girls have while here earned our cause a good seven figures. If we have time, I will show you a little something of how the money is spent. It has something to do with plans for you girls that I think you will enjoy. Have you ever wanted to get out and see the world?”Angel shook her head and said, “I have learnt never to underestimate you. Whatever you have planned, I am sure it will be big, fun and leave me completely spent.”I giggle, “I’m sure it will. And if you play your cards right, this could eventually lead you to a promotion and give you a future beyond dancing. The only downside is I will not be able to promote Roxy as quickly or as high as I do the two of you. You will leave your friend behind. I need the two of you to start looking for a third. She has to be as good looking as you and at least as smart. You girls already know Crystal will eventually head a new division. She needs. I would I hear a few naughty things or get some action. I have flirted with these girls the last few days and love to fool around with them. I could feel me starting to get hard without even having started yet. Amber seemed to take charge right away and asked kKim truth or dare. She asked for truth. Amber asked her if she has ever went all the way with a boy and Kim replied "No". Kim took over then and asked Amber. She picked truth and she asked her the same question. She said yes. It was then my sisters turn and of course another truth question and again it was the same question. She said yes. But my mind began to wander. "who did she fuck? someone I know?" as I was thinking this and I looked up all were staring at me. I thought I change things up so I said dare. Amber then dare me to tongue kiss my sister. I was about to protest when I noticed my sister darting towards me and jumping in my lap. She wrapped her arm around my head and I could feel her tongue parting my lips. I let it.
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