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There was only one person that had any interest in me dying, wasn’t there? I turned my face to the side quickly and proceeded in being violently sick, on the sidewalk, in the middle of the day, in the city I had lived in all my life. ‘Are you ok, miss?’ a deep voice asked me as I dried my face on a corner of my expensive jacket. ‘No, I suspect I’m not…’ I mumbled before I looked up to see a tall, dark shape looking down at me, the police officer had returned. I looked behind the tall, dark-haired man and although I wasn’t surprised he hadn’t caught the bad guy, I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed. Perhaps if he had been caught I could have gotten some answers? Two strong hands took a hold of my arms and pulled me upright in one fast movement, giving me no time to react with either surprise or fear. I stared at the man in front of me and saw him running his eyes over me quickly, probably in an attempt to see if I was injured. His eyes were a warm, golden-brown tone, that somehow grew. ” nee rhombho mosham vaishoo, indha vaysulaeyvaa ippadi irrupaalaa,”. ( you are bad that too at this age)“Anna, enakku schoolaey andha vidya dhaan ellam kathu kuduthaa, ava aathulaey ava parents fuck panrachaey ava peep panni vaerallaey ava chochum pannara edathulaey vechindu nanna rub pannuvaalaam. Appo angaey thirtham adhulaendhu varumaam”. ( bro, in school that vidya only taught me all this,at her home she has seen her parents fucking peeping through, and putting her fingers in her cunt would feel water flow there)” paerumaalaey,nee naejamaavaey kallee dhaan ivvalan thiruttuthanam panindu irrukiyaey”. ( oh god , you are really a smart ass , so much of mischief)“Nee maathiram ennvaakkum eppo paarthaalum rekha maami aathukkaey poyinduirrukaey, edhavadhu vaeshamam pannireeyaa avaathulaey (what about you? , always going to rekha aunty’s home , are you doing any mischief there?)that is why you came back and master-bated”. Vashnavi put a probing question.This was too much for nara,he.
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