Indian Didi

Sushma Reddy asked for sex once again for her close friend her name Sahana from Bangalore working in IT Co same sushma reddy companySahana 27 year old good look sexy structure Juicy lips totally sex women.I started travel again from hubli reached to bangalore sushma reddy picked me from xyz place reached her home sushma reddy introduce me sahana just few min talking.Then sahana and me left sushma reddy went to Sahana apartment. After reached apartment she gone to kitchen being juice and started simply talking about personal life I can\’t control after looking her look and sex mood she went to bathroom for fresh up come with sexy night wear revealing most of parts and looking sexyThen immediately I started kissing her hand chin eyes nose ears then her tempting juicy pink lips.her lips was so tempting me more so nearly we lips locked 10 min sucking lips mean while my hand moving to lovely milky boom.,I was pressing her boom very hard after few min I was removed her night dress she only. I picked up the cat and placed her in the circle. She started to preen herself. I stood in the circle as well and picked up the book, trying to exude an air of confidence."Okay." I was still a little unnerved by the sound of my voice, it was quite musical now. "We'll start." My new little body was shivering a bit as I spoke.I made the appropriate mystic signs. The cat watched me; somehow I could tell it wasn't very sure of me. I said the magic words, or what I thought were the magic words. Some of them were not very easy to pronounce. Why can't these ancient mystical magicians speak proper English? This book is an accident waiting to happen. I fully intend to complain to the shop."Miaow!" Shut up!"I waited expectantly. It hadn't worked immediately last time so I gave it some time. I was pleased. Soon I too would be an occult initiate, master of hidden forces and an all round powerful guy, err, girl. Well, if it worked properly I'd be a guy. A couple of moments later a plate on the.
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