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I ended up matching with this 5' blonde girl named Samantha who was a Chemical Engineering student in a neighboring department. We talked for a bit on the app and then became Facebook friends and eventually invited me to her apartment to "study". The first time we hung out she took me to her bedroom, sucked my cock dry for about 10 minutes and then went back to studying. She got so horny that after 30 minutes of studying calculus 2 she wanted to give me a blowjob in her living room on the beanbag. (At the time, I was used to having at-least a 30 minute recovery period so I could shoot again). Samantha was at it again, but this time she put in a wrist twist and grabbed my balls while licking the tip. I lasted a little longer that time and ended up missing her mouth and landed on her forehead and a little bit in her eye. She didn't mind that at all tho which was good for me :p.I left her apartment about an hour after that and went home to get some dinner. She was texting me the entire. They'd laughed at her, but after she told them of her condition she'd been convinced to explain that the weeks spent hunting down the demon had left her starved. After a dozen more drinks she'd foolishly joked that they could just tie her up and leave her there, she'd be fully recovered within the day.Apparently the joke had been lost on them, but.....She was starving, and being tied to the railing for the day would be a perfect way to get her energy back. "Hnm." Irea mused to herself, testing the strength of the rope while still pretending to be asleep. They were tight bindings, forcing her front half down to waist height with her arms spread-eagle on either side of her, but if she wished they wouldn't stop her from escaping. It wouldn't be such a bad thing to play along for a little while.So Irea 'awoke' with a bit of a yawn and moved to stand herself up, or at least her lower half. Her spine cracked and popped as she did, but it put her ass at the perfect height for groping. Among.
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