Dilettante Gal Does A Hawt Undress Show For Her Lover On Cam

She buried her nose into the mass of the shirt, and drew deep draughts into her lungs. When her eyes returned to mine, I felt the need to be fucked, again. My cock arose beneath her.As she felt it, she snuggled onto my chest, with the shirt tightly wrapped in one of her hands. Her butt started to caress the repository of my 'second' brain. The 'upper' brain was barely in charge of the situation. If I were going to make love, it would be in a comfortable place. Besides, it would be better to see her in the daylight.Reluctantly, I looked into her eyes. "Miss? I would like to continue this, but the hard stone floor is not my idea of comfort. Would you consider leaving this place, temporarily, to see my home? You would get an idea of how some others live. My home is just a few minutes away." I could feel a hesitant 'yes'.I helped her up, and stuffed all my things back into the pack. I then dressed, and went over to her sword. I carefully held it by the grip, and presented it to her. She. Officially she was a $200 dollar an hour call girl but in reality unless you were a good tipper you got nothing more than a decent topples handy for that. First timers got a little teat fucking and maybe a couple licks and kisses on the cock but that was usually an attempt to talk you into a upgrade. For three hundred she'll suck you off neat and clean. Four hundred got you a fuck and suck. She would only fuck you if you wore the condom which she supplied. Those were the rates set by the service and the service often told her what to collect. She was allowed to keep all tips. The thing about call girl services is she only keeps half of the fee and some nights she wouldn't get more than one or two calls. The hour or so was really more like two with drive time. Not only was there the cost of the car and gas that she was footing, but she was paying for the motel room where she stayed. If all that wasn't bad enough half her clients were truck drivers who rarely splurge for.
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