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She told me to sit on the edge of the bed and walked away leaving me in silence for a few minutes until I heard footsteps. Jan's husband and their black friend entered and were completely naked. Jan's husband told me to light a cigarette and smoke it as nasty as I could so he could get hard again. I obeyed and even blew smoke on his hard on.Next he told me to take off my dress but leave the corset, jewelry, thigh highs, panties and heels. Before I knew it, I was kneeling on all fours on the bed and all of a sudden, I felt my panties being caressed and then slapped. It felt so good and I knew Jan would be getting some great video of it that I could enjoy later.Then I felt a cock enter my ass. It hurt to the point of me letting out a whimper but it didn't matter since he started pounding his cock in and out of me. At the same time, I felt someone open my mouth and shove another cock into my mouth. There I was in lingerie and heels getting fucked in both holes. After about 20 minutes,. I put my hands on her hips again and slid them up to her waist and over the smooth round curves of her buttocks. She curled a leg up girlishly as she kissed me again, this time darting her sweet tongue inside my mouth. She hummed with pleasure as I pulled her up against me and my rigid cock jabbed into her belly. She grasped it and pumped it slowly, sucking my tongue into her mouth and wrestling it with hers. "Mmmmh. You taste good, this is going to be so much fun. Kiss me all over, baby."I happily obeyed, raining kisses on her face, her neck, down between her tits to her navel before I came back up to kiss and lick her nipples. I knelt and bent to kiss the tops of her feet, up her calves and behind her knees and inside her thighs until I was at her shaved kitty."Damn, I could get used to this," she chuckled."I had no idea it would be this good," I panted before I started brushing my tongue over her labia. She squealed and ran her fingers through my hair, pulling it and.
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