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"I have read the pre-sentence report and have noted your nineteen previous convictions. I therefore have no alternative but to commit you to a significant custodial sentence of ten years and one month." Ten years?" A blonde woman cried from the gallery. "You tell him Jamie. Who did this with you." Jamie stared at the judge who admonished the mother, reminding her that she was in court and such interruptions were not permitted. She sat back down and dried her eyes. Oliver sat speechless in the gallery as he watched his twin brother be sentenced to a youth prison and felt his arm be squeezed by his crying mother. He looked back to see his brother's girlfriend wiping her eyes and purse her lips together, rubbing her face. She threw her brown hair back and ran her hands through it."Sorry," she mouthed at the convicted criminal and Jamie looked up at her, blowing her a kiss as he was led away, down the stairs. Tara Prutton sobbed, her blonde hair falling over her hands and she stared down. ”“What is it, sweetheart?”“Um ... I thought I had it all figured out and under control,” she said after a while. “You know, dating my plus three. I was going to be one for all and you’d be all for one.”This sounded like it could get sticky. If Kate had decided that she’d fallen for me, I wasn’t going to be able to continue. I loved Kate, but not at the expense of Melody and Lissa.“Go on,” I prodded.“You love Melody and Lissa, right?” I nodded. “But you love Melody. I can tell. You look at her like she’s the most important person in the world. When I see you with her, I think, ‘this is the world’s most perfect couple.’ And you are.”“Yes, but...”“Wait. The thing is, you love Lissa,” she continued. That’s what I was going to say, but it was important that Kate get this out. “You’re perfect together. I watch you playing racquetball and it’s like you’re one person. I catch a glimpse of you kissing out on the deck and I think what a perfect couple you are.”Now I was beginning to see where.
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