Her black hair was styled in a simple flip."Hi, I'm ..." the next girl turned to Katie. "This is embarrassing,"she complained."You can do this," Katie encouraged her. "Go on." I'm Ashley." Ashley sounded like she was ready to die ofembarrassment. She was looking at the floor, her cheeks red. "I'msorry," she stammered. Ashley was a wisp of a girl, not more than fivefeet two and maybe a hundred ten pounds dripping wet. Her hair waslong, brown, and straight, and her figure was still developing. Of allthe girls, she was the one who was closest to Tom in breast size.The next girl stepped forward proudly, her shoulders back and her amplebreasts thrust forward. "I'm Christina," she announced. "I'm sorry."She stood, on display, as if she was used to being nude in public. Herhair was wavy auburn, and with her big brown eyes and shapely figure,Tom knew that she was used to having guys at her beck and call. Therewas just that air of confidence and control about her."I'm Erica," the. " I'm impressed," says I, wrapping them around my favorite appendage, shoving the rest in her mouth and down her throat. I pumped like a woodpecker trying to drill through the petrified forest while she hummed on the instroke and breathed on the outstroke.After about 45 minutes, I got that feeling in my balls. "I'm going to come," I said, loud enough for the next door neighbor to hear me. I shot eight or nine times, straight down her throat, then pulled back for the next dozen or so, watching her gulp down mouthfuls of the elixir. She couldn't take anymore and backed away, aiming me at a five gallon bucket she had in the garage. By the time that was full, there were only another three or four spurts more and she'd recovered enough to swallow them.She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked up at me, still on her knees. "I want your baby."I reached down and tweaked both nipples. They were extended in her arousal, three or four inches long, about as big around as my middle.
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