My Sister Comes My Room And Close The Door!! My Sex Fantasy!!

"Time for me to go. I wouldn't want you to have to disturb the Sheriff on my account."The Sheriff was disturbed anyway. By noon, I was down at his office. His deputy came by and issued an invitation I couldn't turn down.I spent the next two hours telling the Sheriff, his Deputy, and the town Attorney about my weekend."Fascinating story, Mr. Robinson," the Sheriff said as I finished. "Not much truth to it, but fascinating nonetheless."I smiled."You see, you sanctimonious pissant, I've talked to the witnesses. You broke Heath Boardman's hand with a ball bat when he tried to stop you from hitting Missy Harmon."The story he told was so ridiculous, I had to laugh. The three of them didn't think it was funny and stared at me until I stopped laughing. "What witnesses, Sheriff?" Heath Boardman, Peter Hawkins, and Ethan Bishop."I chuckled again. "I don't suppose you talked to Mrs. Bishop, Missy Harmon, or Tracey Robinson?" Why? Boardman said there were no other witnesses." Well, if Missy. . Tapped the spoon on my cup, put my left hand on his left hip, leaned my head into his neck and sniffed) "You smell nice today T" (took my cup and walked back to my desk) ....End of that work day is when I made my move. It was raining and I noticed T walking to the bus stop, drove up beside him and told him to get in, I'd drop him off home. We talked about our weekend plans, neither of us had anything special planned. Asked him what he's doing tonight "nothing". I kept eyeing his thighs as I was driving, he knew what I wanted. I told him I was going to make a stop to smoke, I drove us to an empty factory carpark for a "cigarette", he didn't partake. I used the excuse of the smoke to say "You've got real nice lips, are you a good kisser?" I leaned in and he did too, we kissed and it turned into a snog. I pulled my seat back and reclined a little so he could straddle me as we kissed. My hands all over his arse, under his shirt, groping, grabbing and spanking as we suck tongues.. I told.
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