Hottie In Transparent Blouse Showing Her Juicy Boobs

"Are you in a relationship now?" she asked.I nodded again."With a guy?"Another nod."So, tell me all about it," she said, sitting down across from me, settling in."What do you want to know?" I asked."Well, do you live together?" Yes," I said."So who's the woman in the relationship?" We're both pretty femme," I said, "but I guess of the two of us, it's me," I said."So what do the two of you do?" she asked. Then she smiled at me. "The sex, I mean."I felt a thrill go through me. She was sitting close to me. Her legs were crossed and I could see her bare thighs. I loved this scene, having fantasized about it often enough, having to confess to a woman my submissive sissy desires and actions."He fucks me," I said, "whenever he wants. I'm very submissive. I like to do whatever I'm told, whatever he wants."She sat back a bit and her skirt rode up so I could see more of her."What about women?" she said. "Do you like them too? Does he?" We both do," I said. "You'd call us 'bi' I guess. But what. Afterwards, he runs his one of hands down from the skirt and rubbing my clit, soon my pussy was moist it was easy for him to finger it. While his another hand was pressing my boobs brutally and his mouth was biting my nipples and boobs. This was making me so much mad, my hands started unzipping his trousers, pulling his cock out of the underwear and start stroking it. It’s already rock hard, 7-inch warm rod, pre-cum at the tip of the cock, I began stroking it.Soon, I felt his cock needs moister, so I pushed him back on his seat, and put my mouth on his hard cock, taking it deep. As I suck his cock harder and deeper, his intensity of fingering my pussy also kept on increasing, making my pussy more and wetter, and with another hand, he kept on pumping with my tits cruelly. The saliva from my mouth and the precums from his cock went on making it slobby. It went on for about 10 mins or so.This made me hornier and took the whole cock inside my throat choking myself on it till my nose hits.
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