Before I only used to do it once or twice a day, normally at night, but soon I was frigging five or six times while home alone. Allowing my fantasies to run really wild for once, I ended up by my second week spending hours on porn sites and reading erotica, becoming more than a little bit obsessed with sex. I even went so far as to go into town to buy a cucumber, with which I broke my virginity and got quite intimate with before it got so mushy I had to throw it away. Throughout this time, Rover, our dog, a great big German Shepherd, frequently came over to me while I was masturbating, but I always shooed him away. Then one day I was slumped naked on the sofa, imagining Nathan eating my pussy out as I fingered myself, when Rover again came over. He walked so quietly and I was so immersed that at first I didnt notice his hot breath on my muff or even his long canine tongue licking me. The realisation was quite a shock, and I tried to push him away in disgust, but he persisted, and. Being a virgin never really bothered me I'm pretty grounded I like to say that I have a good head on my shoulder, which is basically a load of bull. I was scared. My fear of any form of pain consumed me I shuttered at the slight touch of another human's hand on my body. I've never been in a real relationship, I never had a real kiss, I never had someone be intimate with, physically or mentally. This was until I met him. It was Saturday January 22, exactly five months before my 20th birthday, probably the coldest night of the year. Temperatures plummeted to a mere 9 degrees 0 degrees with wind. I walked in the cold through the snow my thighs became hot and the stinging feeling between them as I took a step was almost unbearable. But I was on a mission. I walked at a moderate pace, it didn't take long before my thoughts consumed me. "I wasn't ready for this, I'm scared, what if he hurts me, who exactly is this guy, he might try to kill me, what the hell am I doing." A vibration in my.
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