.."His entry was accomplished with only a quiet, 'ouch'. Her hands held him in position. "Just a minute..." sigh... "can I have another kiss?" Of course!" Sean had to arch his back to stay still within her and still kiss her ... he was beginning to feel the strain when she said..."Daijōbu. Okay, now..."Sean, too, was on a hair trigger. Knowing he'd hurt her as he entered her for the first time took a little of the edge off, and holding still helped too, but in her tight channel he was still heading rapidly towards ejaculation. "I'm going to come..." and he did. He didn't soften, and stayed in place. "I'm sorry..." Shinpaishinaide kudasai ... don't be sorry. It was perfect. Thank you. Thank you." She reached out to Callie who was watching. "Thank you, Calida. Thank you." You're welcome. And I expect he'll go again soon!" Hontōni? Really?" She looked up at Sean, who was still deeply embedded in her pussy.He chuckled and that produced sensations in her that made her eyes widen. "Oh, I. ”The sommelier, (I learned that word that night) brought out a bottle of chateau something or other that was fifty bucks a pop according to the wine list. He poured us all a glass, but before we could pick them up, Steve slid off his chair, took a knee and grabbed Roxie’s hand.“Roxanne Fuller, will you marry me?” he said smooth as silk.Roxie didn’t look a bit surprised as she nodded her head yes. When Steve started to slide the ring on her finger, she stopped him.“You know how I am about you Steven, if you put that on me, I’ll kill you before I give it back,” she said, her tone as serious as a heart attack.“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Steve replied as he slipped the ring onto her finger.There was some applause from the surrounding tables as Steve hopped back into his chair and kissed his future wife. I stood up and proposed a toast.“May you two be as happy as us,” I said as I looked at my smiling wife.We clinked glasses, took a sip, and I sat down. To my surprise, Megan stood.
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