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“They went away for the night,” I said as I made my way into the living room. “Dad had some business meeting out of town and they decided to just rent a room and get away for the night.” “Oh,” he said nervously, as if I was about to do something horrible to him. He slowly followed me into the living room but kept a good distance from me. Deep down this hurt, but I did not think to much into it. “Look,” I began quickly, turning around to face him one on one. “I know that things have been bad for us since, well you know. And I know that things will never be completely the same between us, but I want to try and bury the past.” “I don’t know if I can do that,” he said quietly, looking me dead on in the eyes, causing my legs to shake just slightly and my heart to speed up. “Why not,” I asked him in almost a begging tone. “Don’t you want us to be able to be around each other without things being completely awkward all the time?” “I do,” he said making his way toward me, but stopping just a. ”As Maahir opened the door and walked in, his expression changed in mid-step to one of absolutely amazement. He looked at Rubina, and his first words were WOW! Maahir was stunned at how amazing she looked and he again considered himself the luckiest man on the planet. The ambiance of the room made her look even hotter than she was during dinner. There was an almost royal elegance to her poise right now. Rubina beamed at his expression and without moving from her spot, asked her husband to close the door and take a seat on the chair. Maahir eagerly followed her instructions and waited for the next move with baited breath.Rubina then turned on the CD and music from the Hindi song “Labon Ko” (To the lips!) began to fill the room. Rubina closed her eyes and let the music flood her senses. When she opened them again she began to move her body with a sensuality that made Maahir swallow. She was now dancing for not for Maahir – her husband, she was dancing for Maahir – her lover and she was.
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