Desi Step Mom Removings Cloth

‘No. Too much time has passed. We are not the same people we once were … especially me.’ ‘That’s too bad. I was wondering ….’ She didn’t finish the thought. ‘I did find out what happened and why she was so quick to initiate the divorce. Taggart again. I can’t blame Elise. She did what she thought was right. I don’t hold any bad feelings toward her. It’s over now, that’s all.’ ‘What will you do now?’ Denis asked. He had been sitting quietly as Cassie and I talked. ‘I have a job in Vancouver with an old acquaintance. Private Investigations. Mostly commercial and white collar crime. I’ll see how that goes. I gather you’ve told Cassie about what happened this week?’ He nodded. ‘I also told her that you would be using an alias for now.’ ‘Yes, Nathan Poirier. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to be Colin Stewart again. With my parents gone and Elise too, I don’t think it much matters. By the way, I didn’t tell Elise my new name.’ ‘I understand, but things can change,’ Dennis said cryptically,. When do you want to go?" Tomorrow night," Sawyer said. "And I want a VIP tour before the show."Madison knew she was being used. She didn't care, it made all the hotter, "I'll make a call."And as Madison expected, it wasn't a problem. It was only after she put her cell phone back in her purse she thought to ask, "Why?" Why what?"Madison suddenly realized her original question could be asked of a lot of things, "Why do you want the tickets? Why did you change me? Why are you doing all of this?"Professor Sawyer smiled, "Having second thoughts?" NO! Of course not, you know that," Madison exclaimed. "I'm just curious, is all."Normally, Professor Sawyer felt no need to explain herself to her thralls. But she liked Madison. She usually preferred her girls younger, but there was something about the beautiful, formerly prudish, mother of three that touched her where she was tender. She stretched herself across Madison's body and whispered into the woman's ear, "Because I can." No, really.".
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