Abbu Takes My Virginity When Ammi Goes Out

..Why 'Lil Cock Sleeve' of know who you are!After all it was you who penned the name to start with, the one youronline Mistress loves to use.Oh, it had all started so innocently. Her first command having youupdate your profile to give a little more information about yourselfincluding a link to your favorite story by her. The next command howeverwas a little more demanding. Ten pictures of yourself in panties, nowthis was more of a challenge since you only had two pairs squirreledaway in your secret stash. You acquired two more pairs from your wife'sknicker draw. It was a dirty, exciting feeling to be stealing yourwife's special panties. She was smaller than you so once on they werequite tight and restricting adding to your dirty pleasure. The firstpair black and lacy you take a picture from the front. It clearly showsyour turgid cock tenting them. Not wanting to spoil them but dearlywanting to play with yourself your remove them moving on to the next.This was a pair. You lift your hands to the top of the cotton dress I’m wearing and start to carefully undo each tiny button. I feel your wrists brush my breasts, and my nipples rise. When you get to my waist you stop and begin to peel the dress off my shoulders and down my side – I pull my arms out of the sleeves and I’m naked to my waist. The fact that the other people here might turn around only heightens my excitement. Your hands each cup a breast, feeling their weight before you squeeze them firmly, pressing my back into you…mmmmmmmm. I arch my back and reaching over my head I pull your loose hair over your, and then my shoulders so that its silkiness is covering my chest. You slide your hands around my tits feeling the coolness of your hair and the warmth of my skin – the hardness of my nipples. I scoot my butt against you again hoping to feel the bulge I know is there. When I do, I start to almost imperceptibly rock back against you, making a slight friction. I feel your hands gently squeezing.
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