Stepbrother & Stepsister Spend The Night Together -Annika Eve- Stepfamily Therapy

"He swears he doesn't want to rush me into anything. Or push me into anything. He agrees I was right to kick him out and file for the divorce. He admits that he had a problem with ... infidelity. He broke it off with Cassie in the hopes we'd have a chance at reconciliation. He even acknowledges that you have a right to be involved in this decision as my..." She laughed, embarrassed. "My present provider-replacement. I wonder if he doesn't suspect how close to true that really is." She shifted uncomfortably. "Can I ask you a serious question? I'm not sure I actually can. This is so terribly embarrassing for me." She looked at the door and Michael knew her thoughts were on Effie, and where she was. He walked to the door, checked outside and eased it closed."Go ahead," he said. The naked innocence in her eyes was unnerving. He watched her shudder and then drop her gaze to the floor."Would you actually make love to me, Michael? If that was what we decided we both wanted and needed?. Opening up your pretty little asshole. You ready for me, Daphne? You ready to be double teamed, reamed out by two big cocks at once?”“Yes!” “That’s the spirit.” With one last plunge, he lifted her off the table, spiked on his cock, and walked her over to Josh. “Lift up, sweetheart. Off my dick.” Frowning, she did as she was told. He set her feet on the cool ground, hands brushing her hips. “Lower yourself onto his cock.” She looked down at the thick virgin cock. Up at his face. The kid swept his hand over his shaft, eyes on hers. “Whatever you want, Daphne.” A grin spread over her face. Dancing over the whining air mattress, her feet slipped on the sheets and sent her sprawling over his hard body. Laughing, she raised up on her hands and knees at the same time he pushed her shoulders back. “You okay?” A crooked smile curled his lips. “More than okay, Joshy.” Reaching between them, her hand found his hot shaft. “Oh, fuck.”Straddling him, Daphne swiped the head against her wet pussy..
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